Private Personal Coaching

​Would you rather have a fitness expert all to yourself? Would you be more comfortable training 1:1 than in a group setting? If so our private coaching may be for you.  Imagine  working with a coach that takes your fitness goals seriously and is focused solely on you. The possibilities are endless. We can show you how to get stronger and teach you how to lift weights properly. We can show you how to improve your athleticism through H.I.I.T. training. We can teach you how to improve your running. We can show you basics and take the guess work out of eating healthy. It is all up to you. You can even choose a coach that you think will mesh with you the best. Tell us your goals and we will help you crush them! Contact us for scheduling.

​A minimum of 6 sessions is required at a cost of $270.00. Contact us to set up a consultation for more details.

Core H.I.I.T. Training

​This is our core group and is where all of our epic results come from. If you are serious about getting into the best shape possible in a group setting, this group is for you. Here we prioritize food basics/healthy food swaps and high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T.) as the foundation of our core group.

High Intensity Interval Training is a method of exercise where we use resistance training to increase heart rate to a high level and then incorporate rest until you recover. This is what an interval is. We use all types of disciplines like; Weight training, suspension training, kettlebells, bosu balls, medicine balls, sliders, plyo boxes etc. We use a wide variety of different equipment and techniques in our HIIT training to not only make it unique but also one of a kind. We plan the workouts each morning working around the previous workout and with the future one in mind. Doing it this way allows us to strengthen every part of the body from the muscles and the diaphragm to the lungs, cardiovascular system and central nervous system. Our method leaves no stone left unturned when it comes to making your whole body better, stronger and faster as a complete unit.

You will be surrounded by supportive people who are focused on self improvement. This group is structured in a specific setting where you will meet at your groups designated time every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You will get to train with the same people and support and progress together. There are so many more details and benefits to this program, so if you are curious and would like more info, please contact us.

​A minimum of 12 weeks is required at a cost of $585. After 2 consecutive 12 week courses you are eligible to continue in this setting as a long-term member at the rate of $150 per month. We also offer discounts for couples embarking on this lifestyle together! Contact us to set up a consultation for more details. Certain privileges will be reserved for the Core HIIT group including use of the Spartan pantry and lockers. Contact us for scheduling.

Fit Over 40

This group is very similar to our Core HIIT group. There is basic eating guidance and accountability built in. The only differences are that this group is centered around the needs of people who are 40+ and only trains  two days per week. This group meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm. The cost for 6 weeks is $175. This is a seasonal group that is only held from October - April

Drop in H.I.I.T. Training

​Do you want to get an effective workout by dropping in as you please? If so this group is for you. We don't talk nutrition. You come in, you kick ass and go on about your day feeling awesome! These classes will be held on Tuesdays at 5pm, Thursdays at 5pm and Saturdays at 10:30am.

​$10.00 per class or get a 6 class pass for $50.00!

​Group Strength Training

​In group strength training we teach you in-depth form, technique, sets, reps and progression in a motivating and affordable group setting. We focus on the three big lifts;  Squat, bench press and deadlift. We also do accessory work to strengthen individual muscles involved in these lifts. We have 5 safety cages and are equipped to train up to 10 people at once. This is an awesome way to stay motivated and be held accountable to your strength goals. Nutrition will not be discussed in this group.​  This group will train every Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm.

​A minimum of a 12 week commitment will be required at a cost of $240.00.

​For members in our CORE H.I.I.T training, if you are interested in adding strength training to your routine, join this class for an additional $90 every 6 weeks!

This is a seasonal group and the dates are subject to change. 


​Corporate Group Coaching

​Healthcare is a HUGE expense for any business and most major diseases are caused by lifestyle choices that lead to excess body fat. Have you ever thought about preventative care? Our coaches are experts at teaching basic food changes/easy food swaps and effective training that can steer your employees or co-workers in a healthier direction. We are conveniently located in down town Grand Rapids so you can come to us or we can come to you.

​This would be very individualized so please contact us for more details about scheduling and cost.

Corporate Education
Wouldn’t it be great if someone could come to your company and discuss improving productivity through better food  choices? Increasing the capacity for concentration, stimulation and stamina in the workplace is vital to any company and the key to this is nutrition. Are your employees or coworkers crashing after lunch? Does your company offer processed baked goods for breakfast? These things are common factors in decreased afternoon productivity and proper education on what foods to eat and why to stay away from others could transform the output of your corporate setting.  We would love to help!
The cost for this service is 100.00 per 1 hour session. Each session would pick up where the last one left off in a continued education format. No minimum. Contact us for scheduling.


​Yoga Classes

​There is a lot to be said about being in the present. We all have stresses in life. We all worry about the future or dwell on the past to some extent. Yoga is a physical and mental practice that puts you in the present allowing your mind to relax and your body to release its tension and stress while working your muscles and connecting you more with your true self. This practice can also increase flexibility, strength, blood flow, recovery and much more. This is also the perfect way to recover from intense training. Come meet Amanda and join one of our classes. Amanda also encourages for kids to join in yoga classes and offers a 50% discount for kids when they join their parent(s). Classes are  currently offered Thursdays at 6pm and Saturday mornings at 9am.

​$10 drop in rate or get a 6 class pass for $50

​Core H.I.I.T members can drop in for $8 or get a 6 class pass for $40

Private or Small Group Yoga

​Would you rather have a private lessons 1:1 or with just a friend or 2? Are you just interested in learning the basics or would you like to learn inversions or arm-balances? Treat yourself to an hour focused on exactly what you want to learn/improve. This is a hands on method to exploring yoga as a practice.

$45.00 per 1:1 session. Contact us for scheduling.

​$60 for small groups (2-4 people)

​Corporate Yoga (at your work-site!)

​Would you like to see your employees improve their productivity by taking 45 minutes out of the day to center themselves, activate their muscles, stimulate their minds and get their blood pumping? If so Corporate Yoga may be for your agency. It's the perfect way to show your employees how much you value them. If your agency isn't open to this idea as an incentive program, it can be something that co-workers get together and split the cost of. Amanda comes to you with music, straps, blocks and mats! Contact us for scheduling.

​$75.00 for a 45 min session

* Important Note: We do not diagnose, treat or cure any medical conditions or diseases. We are not licensed Nutritionists or Dieticians. All of our advice and guidance is anecdotal and based on our own experience with our lifestyle changes. We are unlicensed complementary alternative health care providers.